About us



The Friedrich Leutert GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1941 by Friedrich Leutert, a watchmaker by trade, and a gifted engineer. Most of the early instruments for the oil and gas industry, and chronometers as well as navigational instruments for the shipping industry were designed by him. He quickly established the company as a major provider of subsurface and surface instruments mainly for the upstream oil and gas industry in Europe.

His son, Hartwig Leutert, joined the company in 1971 and initiated a rapid expansion program establishing offices and agencies in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. By the early 1980s, the activities of LEUTERT were extended worldwide and satisfied customers in practically all oil and gas producing countries in the world were using LEUTERT instruments for many years.

Since the 1950ies LEUTERT has manufactured and traded testing and analysing instruments for construction materials. The cement and mud testing branch evolved as sideline from the oil and gas products and established its own division in the LEUTERT company.

Thanks to LEUTERT, many instruments, formerly only being used for testing drilling fluids and oil well cements, are now also being used in all kind of building industries and research sectors.

In 2008 the third generation took over the responsibility for running the company, with the appointment of Sebastian Leutert as Managing Director. His passion and enthusiasm, combined with profound and extensive knowledge of the oil and gas sampling industry made our product line of sampling equipment to the new flagship of LEUTERT. Nowadays, we are proud to be the leading manufacturer of sampling equipment worldwide, manufacturing also OEM equipment for leading oil/gas service companies. In 2012 LEUTERT acquired the business operation of TDS, the well-known and reputable manufacturer of special purpose vehicles.

Based on this performance we will continue to introduce new and improved products and services to our customers.