Peak Pressure Indicator MSI-3

Peak Pressure Indicator MSI-3



The Leutert Peak Pressure Indicator MSI-3 measures and displays maximum compression or ignition pressures in individual cylinders of large two- or four-stroke engines. This engine indicator, sometimes called Peak Pressure Gauge, may be used on ships Diesel or gas engines, generators, and air compressors.

It is hallmarked by simple operation and a high degree of instrumental precision in all speed ranges. Its sturdy design makes it immune to vibrations requiring extremely low maintenance.

The peak pressure indicator is attached to the engine via an indicator valve.


  • Measuring range up to 300 bar
  • High accuracy in all speed ranges
  • Easy and simple operation
  • Extremely robust, low maintenance
  • Insensitive to vibration
  • Steel-manometer in safety construction
  • Light-weight



Measuring ranges: 0 to 160 bar, 0 to 250 bar, 0 to 300 bar
Standard connection: W 27 x 1/10"
Engine range: up to 2,500 rpm
Error margin: ± 1.6 %
Dimensions 210 mm x 155 mm x 60 mm