Pressure Tapped Triaxial Core Holder

Pressure Tapped Triaxial Core Holder



In the oil and gas industry drill core samples are collected from the formation to perform a variety of tests to learn more about its characteristics. The Leutert Pressure Tapped Triaxial Core Holder TCH is designed for that purpose. The studies to be performed with the Triaxial Core Holder will provide information about gas and liquid permeability, formation damage, porosity, carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS), relative permeability and secondary water flooding. In addition enhanced oil recovery and steam flooding tests can be performed.

During the tests the core sample is contained in a sleeve inside a cylinder. Radial confining pressure is applied through the body wall, along the outer diameter of the sleeved core sample. Axial pressure may be applied independently via a floating distribution piston. The operating pressure test conditions may be adjusted to the conditions of the formation from which the sample has been taken. This arrangement is useful in studying the physical characteristics of the core under various conditions.

Multiple inlet and outlet ports allow fluid injection through the core sample. In addition a specially designed coiled groove pattern is utilized on the end faces of the core holder’s distribution plugs which come in contact with end faces of the core sample. This is to ensure that the fluids, before entering or exiting the core-sample, are evenly distributed to the whole surface of the core sample.

As a special feature of the Triaxial Core Holder pressure ports or taps are molded into the confining pressure sleeve. These pressure ports allow to measure the pressure drop along the length of the core sample during the flooding process.

Leutert will custom design and manufacture core holders to fit into an existing core flooding system or other core analysis application. If desired, we will design a complete core analysis system to meet your specific needs.



Maximum working pressure: 7000 psi
Maximum working temperature 150 °C
Core sample diameter: 1.5" OD
Core sample length: adjustable between 1" and 6"
Body material: Stainless steel
Wetted parts: Hastelloy
Inlet connections: 2 x 1/8" NPT female
Outlet connection: 1 x 1/8" NPT female
Cuffs for samples: Viton
Certification: Hydrostatic T est Certificate, PED on request



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