Downhole Sampler Surface Trigger

Downhole sampler PDSeven


In standard slickline operation, Leutert downhole samplers are triggered by a preset downhole clock. In some cases, operators might have trouble deciding how to set the time delay of the clock right. Leutert offers a surface controlled downhole trigger for wireline operation. This motorized trigger gives the operator full flexibility in deciding when and at what depth to take the fluid sample. Readings from a downhole gauge with surface readout can be used together with the trigger to decide when to fire the downhole sampler.
At the push of a button, the polarity on the inner conductor of a wireline is reversed. This rotates a downhole motor to open the inlet valves of the Positive Displacement Sampler or the One Phase™ Sampler  The downhole sampler surface trigger can also activate competitive piston-type downhole and flow-through samplers.



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