Nitrogen Booster Station NBS

Nitrogen Booster Station NBS


The Leutert Nitrogen Booster Station is used to compress nitrogen into the sample chambers of the one phase™ samplers and cylinders to a pressure rate above the well pressure. The sample chambers are pressurized across a piston with a nitrogen gas chamber. This compensates any temperature induced pressure drop (e.g. as the sample is returned to surface).

The booster is driven by compressed air. The output pressure is controlled by an adjustable pressure regulator with build-in filter/water separator. The cycle speed of the booster is controlled by a ball valve. A build-in bleed valve is used to release the pressure. The supply pressure of the air driven booster, the pressure in the bottle and the pressure at the high pressure side can be monitored by liquid filled pressure gauges.

A storage compartment for the hoses is also provided.



Type DLE 75-1-2-GU-614 (4H)
Pressure ratio 1:150
Outlet Pressure max. 1,050 bar
Process fluid Nitrogen
Flow max. depending on application
Air pressure drive min. 1 bar / max. 7 bar
Max. drive pressure PS 10 bar
Max. operating pressure PS 1,300 bar
Operating temperature TS -20 °C to 60 °C
Dimension (W x D x H) 650 mm x 260 mm x 410 mm
Weight 34 kg

Connection values

Drive fluid inlet (PL) 1/2” G / BSPf
Primary pressure inlet (A) 1/4” NPTi
Pressure outlet (P) 7/16 - 20 UNFi

Airborne noise emission

Must be analyzed in the system as a whole.