Quick Shut-In Tools

Quick Shut-In Tool



A down hole shut-in tool´s purpose is to enable the well-bore to be shut in down hole rather than at surface. The process of shutting in a well down hole eliminates the "well bore storage effects". Well bore storage effects are the result of long lengths of production tubing that need to be pressurized before the buildup can be recorded. The benefit of using a down hole shut in tool, is to allow for a quicker well build up and better pressure data quality. This saves operators money on down time, and gives reservoir engineers better data for their calculations.

There are two common sizes of valves, a 1.75" OD valve used for 2-3/8" and 2-7/8" tubing and a 2.5" OD valve for 3-1/2" and larger tubing.


  • Instant close time
  • Multiple cycle capability
  • High temperature use
  • Shock resistance



  see respective datasheet in download area