Deflection Indicator DI-5C

Deflection Indicator DI-5C



Most engineers are familiar with the importance of regular checks on Diesel engine crankshafts and cylinder liner. The old dial gauge for crankshaft alignment checks were time-consuming, unpleasant, dirty and gave uncertain accuracy. By using Leutert’s electronic Deflection Indicator DI-5 series the task will be much easier and the accuracy will be improved. As an option to the instrument you can connect the ovality kit to check the cylinder liner ovality and wear comparison.


  • A pleasant and clean operation comparing to use the old dial gauge
  • Download measurements to your computer to store, track, print and compare your engine wear
  • Measure deflections at the extreme precision of 0.001 mm
  • Rechargeable battery operated for portable use
  • Large measuring distance with different kind of transducers
  • USB connection to PC



Storage & transfer to PC: DI-5 no; DI-5C yes
Measuring distance: 89 to 565 mm DI-5(C); 60 to 536 mm DI-5(C) small
Measuring range: ± 2.048 mm DI-5(C); ± 1.000 mm DI-5(C) small
Resolution: 0.001 mm
Zero balance range: ± 2.048 mm DI-5(C); ± 1.000 mm DI-5(C) small
Zero drift: 0.001 mm / 5 minutes
Working temperature: Instrument:
0°C to 55°C (32°F to 130°F)
0°C to 80°C (32°F to 175°F)

3.6 V Lithium Ion, rechargeable

Battery life: 10 hours / charge, shelf life 5 years
Extension bars: 10, 20, 40, 80 and 2 x 160 mm
Cable length: 7 m
Gross weight: 4 kg



190 mm x 167 mm x 50 mm
Ø 31 mm x 81 mm DI-5(C);

Ø 22 mm x 56 mm DI-5(C) small
300 mm x 280 mm x 140 mm