Engine Indicator Type 50 / Type 30

Mechanical Engine Indicator Type 50



The mechanical pressure indicator type 50 measures dynamic pressures. It is especially designed to analyze large two stroke Diesel engines.

Leutert engine indicators are used on Diesel engines, gas engines, air compressors, pumps, etc. A metal stylus draws a clear pressure-path diagram which records the pressure curve within the engine cylinders as influenced by the piston stroke. The recording drum can be moved by means of a string, which is pulled manually or by the engine. If the drum is driven by the engine, the diagram may be planimetered. Our indicators are designed to cover various ranges of speed and rates of pressure-change.

The type 30 indicator has gone out of production. It is replaced by the DPI.


  • Individually calibrated high accuracy heat treated springs
  • Rugged and proven design
  • Easy and simple operation by unskilled operator
  • Ready-to-use equipment
  • Cheapest way to analyze your engine


Engine Indicator Type 50

Pressure range: up to 300 bar, see spring table below
Standard connection: W 27 x 1/10"
Engine range: up to 300 rpm or max. dp/dt = 9 x 10³ bar/sec
Diagram: max. 50 mm/80 mm (height/length)
Drum diameter: 50 mm
Paper size: 180 mm x 65 mm
Dimensions: 165 mm x 130 mm x 90 mm




Scale Max. Pressure Spring No. Part-No.
0.35 mm/bar 140 bar 50/14 bar 4651.0.71.14000
0.30 mm/bar 160 bar 50/16 bar 4651.0.71.15000
0.25 mm/bar 200 bar 50/20 bar 4651.0.71.16000
0.20 mm/bar 250 bar 50/25 bar 4651.0.71.17000
0.15 mm/bar 300 bar 50/30 bar 4651.0.71.18000
Spring table for piston 1/10, piston diameter 6.41 mm