BS&W and Gas Sampling Kit

Basic sediment and water (BS&W) test



During production, crude oil contains a certain amount of water and suspended solids from the formation. Basic Sediment and Water (BS&W) is a term originally used to specify such contaminants in crude oil and the method used to measure them. Today, BS&W is also used as a synonym for water cut, the water content in crude oil.
Water content can vary from field to field and is present in many mature oil fields or when oil production is enhanced by water injection technology. Most of the water and sediment is separated in the field to minimize the amount that needs to be transported further. Oil refiners can either purchase crude oil with a specific BS&W valve or alternatively have initial crude oil dehydration and desalination plants that reduce the BS&W to acceptable limits or a combination thereof.
Typically, the BS&W and gas sampling kit is run in parallel with a well or production test. The measurement can be taken at the wellhead, in the tank or at the custody transfer. Gas volume measurement has been included in the Leutert BS&W and gas sampling kit as knowledge of gas/oil ratios (GOR) is often lost during well or production testing.