Surface Testing Suite

Surface Gauges, Wellhead Logger



The Surface Logger provides an innovative approach to multi-channel logging in one compact case. Multiple configurations are available for a customer's specific needs based on factors such as depth of well, pressure of well or number of gauges required.

The Wellhead Logger consists of an LCD screen with live pressure and temperature display, an on switch, a connection port for the USB data cable, and a smart sensor mounted on the bottom. Three types of adapters (HF4, 1/4" NPT, 1/2" NPT) are available for mounting the logger. Optional radio transmission with a 100 m range can be used.

The Multi-Channel Surface Logger is a variation of the single channel which allows for many pressure and temperature measurements. In addition to the smart sensor, up to four pressure or temperature transmitters can be added to the logger with cable. The data is transmitted to the Surface Logger from a maximum range of 100 m, and can then be acquired through radio transmission, with a USB data cable, or read directly from the display.



  see respective datasheet in download area