Memory Pressure Gauges

Memory Pressure Gauges


Quartz Gauges

Downhole quartz technology - Our quartz pressure gauge offers superior sensing technology. We wish to highlight:


  • Quartz Characteristics:
  • Quartz Reliability: Evidence of long term reliability.
  • Long Term Stability: The only choice for long tests.
  • Transient Response: A simple solution.

Piezo Gauges

Downhole Piezo Technology - Some people call these tools "sapphire pressure gauges" or "strain gauges". Our piezo pressure gauge strategy is to provide the best complete solution to the customer. This includes:


  • Improved Sensing Circuit: Gives us an edge on data quality.
  • Custom Packaging Solutions: Provides solutions for extreme environments.
  • All of our downhole memory recorders are made with Inconel 718.
  • This super alloy protects you tools from sour service (H2S, CO2 - as per NACE MR0175).
  • Reliability and Quality: Significantly impacts cost.
  • Production Strategy: A vendor partnership focused on customer needs.
  • Total Cost Advantage: A summary of every aspect of Leutert´s costing advantage.

Geothermal Tool

Drilling of exploratory wells as the final phase of any geothermal exploration program is the only means of determining the real characteristics of the geothermal reservoir and, thus, of assessing its potential. The data provided by exploratory wells should be capable of verifying all hypotheses and models elaborated from the results of surface exploration and of confirming that the reservoir is productive. Leutert downhole tools deliver such data. By adjusting our tools to the very specific requirements found within Geothermal Systems, Leutert helps to close the gap between the geothermal and the oil industry. This way, parallel developments may be avoided reducing the exploration costs of our customers.

As an example the Leutert Positive Displacement Sampler can be used to collect wellbore fluid samples from the well, which has several feed-zones, and to clarify the chemical differences in each feed zone. Operated in combination with a Geothermal Memory Gauge, the potential of each feed zone may be determined.



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